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SARNZ Trainee of the Year

Available in the following categories:
Industrial Rope Access Trainee of the Year
Rigging Trainee of the Year
Scaffolding Trainee of the Year

Entry criteria

1.Entries open to trainees of SARNZ member companies.
2.Trainees must be currently enrolled in a National Certificate or have completed one in the last twelve months. 
3.Trainees must have the support of their employer to submit an application.
4.Employers can nominate a trainee, but must get the trainee to complete sections 2 - 4.
5.Evidence in the form of photographs, references or awards must accompany the application.

Should you become a finalist, entrants must be available for an interview in person or by phone.

The interview will cover: 
- role on each job
- issues and resolutions
- examples of interactions with other parties (eg clients, other trades)
- presentation
- condition of tools and PPE
- professionalism
- enthusiasm
- attitude to safety and health

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Part 1 Either the trainee or the nominator can complete this section.

Demonstrate your performance in the following three areas. Provide at least one example for each of the three areas.

Teamwork, Customer Service and Safety.

Part 2 The trainee to complete this section

List two examples of projects where you have excelled (this could include but is not limited to: service, quality, technical skill, safety, work ethic, overcoming a challenge, innovative thinking).

Part 3 The trainee to complete this section

Tell us why you have a passion for your trade and what you offer the industry in the future.

Part 4 The trainee to complete this section

Please list anything else you would like to tell us to support your selection (e.g voluntary or community work, other awards you have received etc).

Part 5 Either the trainee or the nominator are able to complete this section

Upload documentation or material as evidence to support your application (e.g. client references, previous awards, employer references, tutor references)

Part 6 Either the trainee or the nominator are able to complete this section

Upload a maximum of 5 photos of jobs you have completed to support your application. Include a brief description of the job and your role.

Part 7. Upload a recent photograph of yourself in your regular work clothing

Terms and Conditions

1. Entries must be received by 5pm, Friday6th July 2018.
2. Entries can be made by trainees or their employer.
3. Entries must allow for independent audit of the material submitted.
4. Entries must have completed and passed a National Certificate or be currently in training towards one.
5. If the entry becomes a finalist, they must be available for an interview.
6. The panel has the right to deem an entrant or nomination ineligible to enter into the awards.
7. The panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
8. The winner agrees to participate in any promotional or media activities organised by The Skills Organisation or SARNZ.

I confirm the information is true and accurate and I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

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